Chapter 20

Two of the people who missed out on seeing the movie were Marcus and Lauren. Lauren, in a gown with Rainbow colours that shone brightly under the leisure centre’s lampposts, had set out to watch the movie, but just before she bought her ticket, she had received Marcus’s call and had turned away from the cubicle where tickets were being sold, walked to a nearby wine bar and waited for him, in less than two minutes Marcus appeared, and then they began nattering.                                                                                          Marcus, still ecstatic about his latest catch, had then cheerily led her into the leisure centre’s cafeteria where they sat and ate till they were replete with food. Then, they had sat for several hours talking and giggling, and when they eventually left the cafeteria and walked down to the cash point to purchase their tickets, they were bluntly told the venue was full.                                                                                                                                               ‘’Oops,‘’ Lauren exclaimed, as she and Marcus stood before the teller’s cubicle, and drew back the hand she had extended towards the slit of the cubicle to offer money for ticket.                                                                                                                                                            ’’We will get the gist,’’ he assured her, as they disappointedly turned and ambled along.  They walked past the hall and Lauren turned sharply in the direction of the cinema hall as she heard the wild roar emanating from it. Marcus held her hand tightly and stroked it, ‘’there will be another opportunity, we will while away time by finding a quiet place to sit and talk, we too will have fun in a special way, what do you think?’’                                         ‘’Where can we go?’’                                                                                                  ‘’There is a gym close to the admin block, it’s quiet there, we will sit, talk then go home.’’                                                                                                                                   ‘’The gym by the admin block, isn’t that far?’’ she protested.                                               ‘’Far? No, there is a short route, I know of, that would take us there in a matter of seconds, and we won’t be staying long there, we’ll only have a short conversation.’’                 She briefly hesitated then grunted, ‘’Okay.’’                                                                         Before they walked past the hall, Marcus excused himself to buy a bottle of rum from the wine bar just at the rear of the hall. Holding the bottle of the brown liquor in hand, he waltzed up to her and they thereafter promenaded the tortuous, half-lit path that led to administrative block, which Marcus had chosen because he had observed it was one of the few structures in the leisure centre which was always inky at night, owing to the missing bulbs in the lamps that surrounded the building. They came to the porch of the gym and Marcus turned on the flash light on his cell phone in other to find a convenient space for them to sit, he spotted a pile of long planks by a wall. With the ray of light splashed across the plane he turned to Lauren, ‘’I think we can sit on this, ‘’ he said.                                        Lauren shrugged. ‘’Is it clean?’’ She asked.                                                              Marcus swiftly handed over both the cell phone and the bottle of alcohol to her and, fished out his handkerchief and used it to wipe the surface of the planks clean, then, they settled on the plank, with the bottle of rum on the bare floor. For long moments, they both remained motionless, during which time he quietly savoured her thick lavender scent which was oozing from all over her dainty body. Later, he reached for the rum, grabbed it and popped it open, he then held the bottle up to his mouth and took a sip, feeling a warm but intense heat in his mouth and his pharynx as he gargled with the alcohol and gulpedit down.                                                                                                                                                         ‘’Wow! What a feeling, ‘’ he said, ’’Nothing has ever tickled me this much all my life.’’           Lauren eyed him greedily. ‘’I must have a taste too,’’ she said eagerly.                                      ‘’Really?’’  Marcus said, handling over the bottle to her, which she grabbed excitedly and drinking its content like a fish.                                                                                                           ‘’Ooh, it’s heating up my gut but the feeling is great, hard to describe, ‘’ she said handing the bottle back to him.                                                                                          ‘’Yeah, it brings on extraordinary sensation,’’ he replied, ‘’the sensation increases with more drink!’’                                                                                                                           Lauren nodded. ‘’So what do you do at the port?’’ she asked.                                             ‘’I’m a clearing agent. I clear all sorts of goods, cars, electronics, and machineries.’’   ‘’You said you live in Magodo, GRA.’’                                                                                             ‘’That’s true and the reason why you’ve not seen me bring my car to the leisure centre is because I don’t drive at night.’’                                                                               ‘’Good to know,’’ she giggled, ‘’ I’m a student, I school in the city’s polytechnic.’’                        She eyed him dreamily, as she imperfectly hid the fact that she had been bowled over by his self-professed opulence.                                                                                                      ‘’By the end of the week, things will wind up here at the leisure centre.’’                ‘’Yes I know,’’ Marcus said, ‘’ but our friendship will certainly not wind up, we’ll be seeing each other, we’ll talk on phone, we will exchange visits, nothing shall come between us.’’ Marcus said and drew even closer to her. He lifted his fingers up to her face and began to caress it affectionately. Lauren eyed him, and then leaned on his shoulder.                                 The tweeting died down and they took turns to drink from the rum bottle until what was left of the content was insignificant, such that they both became tipsy. It was only then that Marcus deposited the bottle in a corner of the room.                                                                  In a short while, the landscape grew darker and the atmosphere became quieter albeit the cheers from the hall intermittently reverberated through the air, then, they began to mumble in each other’s ears and soon began to neck feverishly, which swiftly gave way to an irrepressible urge of wild lust. In a matter of time, the wild urge grew and took hold of them like a seizure. Their hearts began to race as they held each other tightly and their bodies generated fierce heat. Marcus’s tottery fingers groped for the zip of Lauren’s gown, which he undid anxiously, and then the hand went to the clasp of her underwear which he also undid. She looked at him and smiled, and her smile emboldened him to make more adventurous moves. In a jiffy Lauren’s cloth items were lying on the bare floor and Marcus’s heart began to thump as he held her tight to himself.

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