Chapter 17

Kenneth returned home to find a slim tall girl in pink shirt and white trousers standing in the lawn, and gazing down at it. The look on her face showed she was obviously impressed by the close-cropped shape of the lawn- it was at the same lawn Kenneth had worked last Saturday. With just a swift glance at the girl, Kenneth said a word of greeting as he walked past. The girl, who had a delicately chiseled face and frizzy hair on a slender body, eyed him curiously then gazed down at the lawn, as if trying to make a connection between the trimmed lawn and him, she then nodded back her response.  Kenneth thought about the girl as he headed for his own apartment at the back of the compound, he was certain that it was Bartholomew Adunfe who had sent in the girl to inspect the house. He was convinced that her reports would be free from any indictments, since none of the house codes were being violated.                                                                                                                                                 He stepped into his apartment and met Marcus in the living room chatting away on his phone, and the two exchanged greetings after Marcus was done with his phone call.            ‘’Alfred was here,’’ Marcus informed him.                                                                            ‘’Oh, really? Did he bring any news?’’ Kenneth asked dropping in a chair.              ‘’Nope, except that he has now relocated to Benin while Mathias has left the city for Badagry.’’                                                                                                                                        ‘’I’ll speak with them both on phone,’’ said Kenneth as he began to cast off his shoes.            ‘’The internet has been abuzz with the jig coming up in your leisure centre,’’ Marcus said rather excitedly, ‘’I’ve also been hearing the promo on radio, it’s the talk of the town. They say Xenon Leisure Centre is bringing in musicians, comedians and premiering movies.’’                                                                                                                                               Kenneth nodded admittedly. ’’That’s because we’re commissioning a new state-of-the-art hall which can conveniently seat one thousand people.’’                                                       ‘’Um, that will be next week, isn’t it? Marcus asked eagerly.                                                ‘’Yes, in next week, ‘’Kenneth replied.                                                                                    ‘’I won’t miss it for anything. It will be fun there and that’s the kind of place I like to be.’’   ‘’Did you notice the girl out there in the lawn?’’                                                       ‘’Yes, I did,’’ Marcus replied. ‘’I don’t like her, she doesn’t look friendly to me, she didn’t even return my smile. I guess she’s Bartholomew’s maid or relative. Maybe she is here to spy on us.’’




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