Chapter 16

Kenneth sat back in his office to carefully study the file document that contained the modus operandi of operations of Xenon Leisure Centre’s account department. The document had been carefully drafted by Raymond Agbo, the chief accountant and sent down to Kenneth a while ago. Raymond who was going to commence his annual leave only in a matter of days had carefully drawn up a set of operational guidelines would enable Kenneth to discharge his duties satisfactorily while Raymond’s leave lasted.                                                                                    Kenneth, clad in a cream shirt and beige tie, was still studying Raymond’s document when a knock sounded on his office door.                                        ‘’Yes,’’ he snapped from behind his desk.                                                                       The door came open and Lauren Joyce walked in with a big smile on her face. She was carried a big, cerise leather bag in her right hand and proceeded to sit in the chair across Kenneth’s table even before the latter had asked him to sit down, and breezily placed her handbag on the table.