Chapter 15

The Saturday afternoon sun was burning mildly and Kenneth stood by on the verandah savouring the rather still scenery- he kept his own company on most Saturdays because Marcus never stayed home on weekends- and Kenneth’s own array of friends had been depleted following the demolitions at the Gully that had unceremoniously fanned them out to the four corners of the earth. He consequently found employment in doing house chores, in laundering and in reading novels.                                                                                                       A little while ago, he finished off laundering his clothes for the week, and then came out onto the verandah, gazed across at the surrounding lawn and found a large chunk of grass was beginning to grow, spilling out of the long rectangular line that shaped it, instinctively, his eyes drifted, over to the lawnmower which was placed under the shed, he went into the shed