Chapter 4 {contd}

Long after the couple had gone, the two friends sat in silence, their thoughts muddled up. Kenneth’s eyes were surveying the skies which were tranquil and covered in bright azure and immaculate white.                                                                                                                       ‘’You sure you’ve somewhere to stay?’’ Alfred queried.                                          Kenneth’s head drooped in mystification, with his eyes gazing at the bare ground. Alfred was watching him intently and was convinced everything he had told his uncle a short while ago was stated in order to prevent a feud between him and his wife. He had been weighing his own options since the wreckers appeared earlier in the day and now it seemed some bits of the plans were going to jell out.                                                                         ‘’There is a place I think we can go,’’ Alfred said. ‘’It’ belongs to the father of my friend, I think we can manage there for some time.’’                                                                                    Kenneth slowly lifted up his head and eyed his companion unbelievably. The day had been one of the worst for him in the city, why so many debacles were mauling him at the same time was beyond his comprehension. He really wished the entire planet would crash just now, but Alfred’s words momentarily boosted his morale.                                                         ‘’You heard what I said,’’ Alfred said again, this time much louder, ’’this guy, I’m talking about is the closest friend I have in the damned city and he’s going to take us in. The house is at Atitebi Street, just a few miles from here. I’ve already spoken to him, let’s start moving.’’                                                                                                                Convinced that he was already at the end of his tether, Kenneth hurriedly buttoned up his shirt and gently rose to his feet, the sharp pain he felt down in his right limb as he rose reminded him of his savage encounter with the police earlier. He knew Alfred’s relatives did not live in the city and how the chubby boy had been getting along had been abstruse, now he understood better. He reached for the brown leather bag, opened it and placed the black folder inside, he then lifted it up and faced his mate, ‘’I’m set,’’ he said.

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